Pool Installation

With the estimate, we plan a rough installation date;  hitting this date is of the utmost priority and we strive to come as close to the date as we can. However, weather and ground conditions play a very important role in installing pools. Standing water, muddy yards and temperature being below sixty degrees will unfortunately delay the installation process. A typical aboveground pool install or liner install is done in one day. We include all of the materials needed in our price. This includes mainly the sand and blocks, as well as the cement for ovals. We also backfill and thoroughly clean up the job site when finished in addition to assembling the filter system and ladder. We also thoroughly explain the pools functions to the customer when completed. We offer an extra charge to haul away any excess dirt or sod. Furthermore, we can have the water delivered the day of installation.

Additionally, we excavate your yard to level assuring the pool has a solid base. Typically two to four inches is included in our price. However, anything after that will become an additional charge. Every pool requires a level base by digging into the higher ground. We do not add soil to the lower portion if it is off level as this could compromise the integrity of the pool. Manufacturers agree this is the ideal way to install a pool.

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